Seyufi Dehn Assam - Oud Agarwood Oil

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Seyufi Dehn Assam - Oud Agarwood Oil

Seyufi Dehn Assam Oud process starts from extracting mature infected trees of Assam, then distilled by traditional methods by soaking than boiling in a closed pan.
The Amazing part of this Oud oil naturally crafted not to overpower but to enjoy the blends of tropical smokeyness and sweetness within the Oud family.
From start to the end, you will experience the different layers through each passing hour. With careful use, this bottle of Oud can last you for months and you will be wanting more.
Good for use any time of the day - This exclusive Oud works with each individual body scent and atmospheric temperature.

Distilled: April 2014 (7 years)
Colour: Brownish Gold
Origin: India (Assam Region)
Smell: Smokey, honey like sweetness with mild earthy notes.
Applicator: 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.