Royal Empress Agarwood Mukhallat Blend

Ameenroma Aromatics

$30.00 $35.74

Royal Empress Agarwood (Rose & Kasturi) Mukhallat Blend

Pure Cambodian Agarwood Oudh blended with the best hand selected African rose petals and pure smithering white kasturi mus  - Notes filled with - Thick smokey musky top notes, juicy honey like sweet middle notes and a solid Oudh Base note

Bursting with Thick Smokey Musky top notes, Juicy rose blend (Honey like) middle notes and a Solid Oudh Base, this Mukhallat oudh brings the finest of royalty to its users.
A very long lasting Mukhallat - A tribute to Ameenroma Aromatics

  • Country of Origin: Singapore
  • Contents: (Selections: 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml)
  • (Pure Oudh)(Musk)(Rose)
  • Bottle: Floral design with dip stick for easy application
  • Weight: Selection: 50/ 60/ 70 grams