Musk Collection - Pure Fragrance Attar Perfume Oil/ Ittar (Alcohol Free)

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Musk Collection - Pure Fragrance Attar Perfume Oil/ Ittar (Alcohol Free) 

Musk Collection Includes: White Musk, Darker Musk, Absolute Musk, Brut Musk, Kasturi Musk, Misk Mask (Dark)

Uplifting, stirring, bringing an instant surge of confidence is what Ameenroma's Musk selection offers. 

These scents are specially blended not to overpower but leaves a smooth note.

  1. White Musk: White musk concentration remains the deepest and longer-lasting one and is interesting for its dry down that smells unexpectedly and pleasantly. The white musk accord itself is sweet, a bit indecent, and woody.
  2. Darker Musk: White musk concentration with a touch of Draker Note to give a smooth blend of spicy musky notes.
  3. Absolute Musk: White musk concentration at its best absolute form. Smooth sweetness and velvety ending notes.
  4. Brut Musk: White and back musk concentration with a touch of Brut Note, not to overwhelm. Starts off with a spicy note of citrus, overtime mellowing down to a musky finish.
  5. Kasturi Musk: White Kasturi Velevt musk, sweet, musky and a soft touch of floral end note.
  6. Misk Musk: Black musk concentration with a sweet top note, middle musky floral note and ending with a mild rejuvenating light spicy bottom note

Reviews from our customers: "All the musk you can get in a package! Great Deal "

Country of Origin: Singapore

Contents: (Selections: 8ml x 6)

Bottle: Designed Glass bottles with roll on applicator for easy application