Dehn Al Oud Cambodia Pursat - Agarwood Oil

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Dehn Al Oud Cambodia Pursat

Distilled by a very experience and trusted distiller, Ameenroma Aromatics is proud to introduce Dehn Al Oud Cambodia Pursat. Yes, this amazing pure Cambodian Oud is directly from the dense forested regions of Pursat. Bursting with smokey woody bottom noted, spicy yet soothing flavoured middle notes and dry earthiness. a drop of this beautiful aged Oud is sure to sweep you off your feet.

At Ameenroma Aromatics, we hand select our Oud products directly from their sources to make sure of it's quality and purity. Rest assured, our products are 100% pure with no mixtures nor additives. 

  • Distilled: March 2011 (8 years ++)
  • Colour: Reddish Golden Brown
  • Origin: Pursat (Cambodia) 
  • Smell: Strong, smokey, woody, spicy, dry


  1. 1ml Sampler 
  2. 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.