Dehn Al Oud - Cambodia Al Malik - Agarwood Oil

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Cambodia Al Malik - Agarwood Oil

The range of Cambodia Al Malik Oils are made using hand picked Koh Kong AAA grade Oud chips which are given very special attention. This well balanced Oud oil comes directly from the forested mountainous of Koh Kong (Cambodia) which boast a honey-like sweet top note, soothing smoky tobacco filled woody middle note and musky bottom notes.

At Ameenroma Aromatics, we hand select our Oud products directly from their sources to make sure of it's quality and purity. Rest assured, our products are 100% pure with no mixtures nor additives. 

Distilled: July 2013 (8 years ++)
Colour: Dark Brown
Origin: Koh Kong Cambodia
Smell: Strong, tobacco filled, honey-like sweetness.
Applicator: 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.