Oriental Black Musk - Non Alcoholic Attar Oil

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Oriental Black Musk Attar Oil

Notes: Strong/ Deep/ Powerful/ Musky
Oriental Black musk carries percentage of a special ingredient which comes from the authentic wild deer musk Pod, only found in Central Asia, China, Mongolia and the Himalayas
Carefully mixed with natural fragrance musk oils, Ameenroma is proud to be one of the only perfumery to be able to attain the beautiful scent of Kasturi Black Musk. 

Reviews from our customers: "Just got my purchase! Super nice, my mother and i love it. Have been searching for such a musk for A LONG TIME! Found it"

  • Country of Origin: Central Asia
  • Contents: (Selections: 3/6/12 ml)
  • Bottle: Floral design with dip stick for easy application
  • Weight: Selection: 50/60/70 grams