Ameenroma Black Musk Infusion - Saoked 3 Years

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Ameenroma's Black Musk Infusion - Soaked 3 Years

Pure Musk infused in pure Himalayan Black Musk Grains (2 years and counting) is a scent which is exclusively developed by Ameenroma Aromatic's finest. Ameenroma's Noor flourishes with a subtle, sensational smooth note from start to end. With a touch of sweetness and soothing reflection, this scent is made to perfection for one's inspirational and health benefits.

This Special Fragrance carries a special ingredient which come from the authentic wild deer musk Pod, which is only found in Central Asia, China, Mongolia and the Himalayas.
With the right amount of secret pure oil mixture and years of experimentation and experience, Ameenroma Aromatics is proud to be the only manufacture of this perfume kind.

Musk's deer reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac has been well documented throughout history. Even the smallest amount of Musk can greatly effect the human central nervous system.

It's aroma fills the senses with a powerful assertiveness that transforms mental and spiritual energy. It is a powerful sedative which can quiet the mind while at the same time stimulating the respiratory system.
By doing so it relaxes the mind while increasing the flow of oxygen. This can lead to an incredible feeling of relaxed euphoria! Many have proven this exclusive mixture cures Chronic and Acute Sinus, headaches, dizziness and re,lated illnesses.

  • Contents: 1/3/6/12 ml (Non-Alcoholic, Full Fragrance Oil) - No Musk Grains Included
  • Scent: Musky, Velvety, Creamy, Sweet
  • Weight: 60/70/80 grams
  • For External Use Only