Laos Oud Supreme - Oud Agarwood Oil

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Laos Oud Supreme

Laos Oud Supreme has been carefully hydro-distilled from aged tress of the  Crassna family. Mild floral notes gently diffuse together with warm woody notes and overtime the bearer can realise its beauty with time. A smokey sweetness linger with leathery middle notes. Time tells its real beauty.

At Ameenroma Aromatics, we hand select our Oud products directly from their sources to make sure of it's quality and purity. Rest assured, our products are 100% pure with no mixtures nor additives. 

  • Distilled: March 2015 (4 years ++)
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Origin: Laos
  • Smell: Strong, Leathery, earthy sweetness.


  1. 1ml Sampler 
  2. 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.