Borneo Royal Forest Oudh Agarwood Oil

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Borneo Royal Forest Oudh Agarwood Oil


The North-eastern part of Borneo is renowned for it's high quality Oudh Oil. Borneo Royal Forest Oudh is sure to excite with its sweet opening notes filled with woody velvet extract. This luxurious Oudh oil is much appreciated due to its smokey mysterious rich scent which speaks of superiority.

Sourced directly and extracted from the wild forest of Borneo. Its takes over a period of months to years for these Agarwood trees to be than distilled to bring the finest choice of Oudh oils.

These oils are seasonal and not many get a chance to experience this exceptional quality. Ameenroma Aromatics has been one of the world's renown supplier of this rare Borneo Oudh Oil.

  • Country of Origin: Borneo Region
  • Contents: (Selections: 3/6/12 ml)
  • (Non-Alcoholic, Full Fragrance Pure Oudh Oil)
  • Bottle: Floral design with dip stick for easy application
  • Weight: Selection: 50/60/70 grams

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